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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The killed my adsense

So....fuck them I'm done with google products for life. I will tell everyone I know to stop using google and to use Opera instead.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

The Opening is awesome.
Uses pictures of flowers.
Very attractive actors and actresses.
Gritty, adult language, extreme!
Better dialogue.
Coca-cola, McDonald's, Apple, Marlboro cigarettes.
Better sets & props.
Lacks huge american budget for special effects especially the opening.
Uses actual flowers.
More realistic looking actors.
ok dialogue.
Way less graphic.
Way more about liberal politics and capitalism.
Far less commercialized, there isn't product placement.
It's actually in Europe and not Americanized Europe.
Completely different endings and plot starters.

I pick America.

Monday, January 9, 2012

The Ward

John Carpenter.....
The Ward takes place in the 1960's.
About crazy women.
Maybe it's wrong that I'm turned on by the woman that thinks she's a little girl.
There is some ghost or something that kills or lobotomizes the women.
It isn't really scary, it's more bizarre.
Think the grudge in an insane asylum.
It's a very interesting concept and worth watching twice.
Yes Amber Heard stars in this film also, she is a surprisingly good actress.

Dangerous by Bill Hicks

Bill Hicks is awesome. We need a comedian like him.


  1. "Modern Bummer" – 6:34
  2. "Flying Saucer Tour" – 3:21
  3. "Smoking" – 5:30
  4. "We Live in a World..." – 10:51
  5. "The War on Drugs" – 9:14
  6. "Burning Issues" – 4:00
  7. "I Love My Job" – 1:33
  8. "My Parents" – 5:26
  9. "Please Do Not Disturb" – 7:02
  10. "The Vision" – 0:58

Sunday, January 8, 2012

All The Boys Love Mandy Lane

    This movie is insane. It's about a hot girl and her best friend that is in love with her as usual. It's about high school kids. It's about idiots that think that women are "pure", not even asking the question why you would want a "pure" woman. It's about high school boys in love with Mandy Lane and her weird best friend.
    I enjoy that the concept of calling dibs on females is in this film. For some reason this childish social contract amongst males persist in college. It's really sad to overhear, men so lack in confident that they must create claims on females that they never express their intentions to in real life. My friends and I have this policy: if you can get, get it. That policy goes on constantly even into relationships. However we must notify each other if we or someone else has gotten it.
    I don't know what high school these kids go to, but everyone looks like an Ambercrombie & Finch Advertisement.  The kids do what hollywood thinks kids do: drink, smoke weed & do hard drugs. At first it looks like cocaine, but it's not. Kids these days aren't like the rascals of the 1970's & 1980's doing cocaine, kids today do Adderall. Two girls crush up Adderall and snort it.
    One thing you can count on in a teen Horror Film: a rich white girl, a strong black guy for no reason, a nerd/loser who magically hangs out with cool people, a ho, a mean ho, a ho with low self-esteem, a douche-bag, and the main girl that is important for some indiscernible reason.  Amber Heard plays Mandy Lane. Amber Heard recently stared as the attractive blonde in the Rum Diaries; a Johnny Deep movie.
   There is an awesome Farm Hand, named Garth. Garth is a man. Oh yeah, they are on a ranch in Texas, with no one around for miles. This is probably what George W Bush did in his teen years.
   There is a lot of stupid teenage drama in this film.
"Sound of silver of talk to me, makes you want to feel like a teenager. Until you remember the feelings of a real live emotional teenager then you think again." - LCD Soundsystem

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Rapprocher by Class Actress

Sounds like: Space Dance. Cold distant new wave. Elizabeth Harper sounds like Blake Hazard
 trying to be Karen O + Alice Glass. If you don't know who those singers are they are the lead vocals of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs & Crystal Castles.

TRACKS                                            DURATION      BUY/CHECK OUT
  1. Keep You                                  3:15                   BUY
  2. Need To Know                         4:13                   Check it out
  3. Limousine                                4:26                   Check it out
  4. All The Saints                          4:24                   Check it out
  5. Missed                                      4:23                    BUY
  6. Hangin' On                               3:16                    BUY
  7. Bienvenue                                2:58                    BUY
  8. Let Me In                                 4:54                    Check it out
  9. Love Me Like You Used To     3:52                   BUY
  10. Prove Me Wrong                      3:53                   BUY
  11. Weekend                                  4:02                    BUY
"Keep You"
I want it. A nice cold dark love song. Good for on repeat plays.

"Need To Know"
Sounds like a cold winter night. Channeling Alice Glass on this one.

Good 80's style dance.

"All The Saints"
It's like Karen O meets a Tim Burton version of Space Jam.

Hell yes. Slow jamming right now.

"Hangin' On"
Rough sex, dominance and submission.

A shoe-gaze vibe to space rock. Yuck meets Crystal Castles.

"Let Me In"
Sounds like Lady Gaga's early work.

"Love Me Like You Used To"
Something to dance to.

"Prove Me Wrong"
Slow Jamming with Prince.  Tell it like it is....

Sun Rise after a night dancing.

The Body, the Blood, the Machine

This album is one of my favorites albums.
As an atheist I have listened to it most Sundays at my christian high school --> colleges. I really love this, especially "I Might Need You to Kill". This was created during the Bush years, also known as the Dark Ages in America. The Thermals are one of my favorite Indie-punk bands.
This is by far the best album by the Thermals. "Returning to the Fold" just feels good.
The guitars my lack of a god, yes the guitars.

No. Title Length
1. "Here's Your Future"   2:28
2. "I Might Need You to Kill"   2:27
3. "An Ear for Baby"   3:36
4. "A Pillar of Salt"   2:57
5. "Returning to the Fold"   2:39
6. "Test Pattern"   3:27
7. "St. Rosa and the Swallows"   3:34
8. "Back to the Sea"   4:47
9. "Power Doesn't Run on Nothing"   5:14
10. "I Hold the Sound"   4:38

"Here's Your Future"
I first heard "Here's Your Future" on the show Weeds, one of my favorite shows. I instantly fell in love with the lyrics "We're packing our things we're building a boat, we're gonna create the new master race because we're so pure oh we're so pure." and  "God told his son it's time to come, I promise you won't have to die all alone, I need you to pay for the sins I create son said dad I will but I'm afraid."

"I Might Need You to Kill"
I love this one, so much. Whenever religious types try to tell me how to live my life, I instantly think of this song, especially how it starts: "locusts, tornadoes, crosses & nazi halos"   then "They'll drown your disease they'll pound you with the love of Jesus, they follow they follow, they'll own your days their only God's babies" & "They can me what to read, they can tell me what to eat they can feed me and send me the bill, but they tell me what to feel? hey I might need you to kill."

"An Ear for Baby"
"It's time to groom you for judgment." "Keep your eyes straight for Christ sakes remember we're your friends." "The mission, the plan, just breathe you don't need to understand." "Get thyself in line it's time for reassignment it's time for a new first world order. We got a job to do, we don't ask we tell you. Work is freedom, sloth is sin. Pull out your dead roots, pull your best suits you know the one they're gonna bury you in.""The mission the dream, the body the blood the machine."

"Pillar of Salt"
This was the first music video by the Thermals that I saw on youtube and I love the guitar work on it. 
"We were born to sin, we were born to sin. We don't think we're special sir. We know everybody is. We've built too many walls, we've built too many walls, now a giant fist is out to crush us." "We don't wanna die or apologize for our dirty god, our dirty bodies."

"Returning to the Fold"
"I regret leaving my soul, I forgot I needed it to think and maybe when I die I'll just grab it real quick. I'm coming right back. I regret leaving my mind, I forgot I needed it to think and maybe to keep me alive, I can't believe I got so far with a head so empty."

"Test Pattern"
Nice desert song.

"St. Rosa and the Swallows"
Besides the greatness of the song I'm going to give some background on St. Rosa. According to wikipedia "When she was a baby, a servant claimed to have seen her face transform into a rose."
Lyrics: "passing our enemies, passing our friends, passing the means we use to tell the difference between, it's subtle"

"Back to the Sea"
Good droning song.

"Our Power doesn't run on nothing"
"we are old as hell, we are old and tell the children, when to kill and when to sit still. Everyone doing what we say till our dieing day, till our breath is empty. So give us what we're asking for cause either way we're gonna take it. Our power doesn't run on nothing we need the land you're standing on so
lets go move it. Yeah you need to let it go move it. Yeah we're, more equal, we'll move you people,
off the planet cause we need the fuel" 

"They'll give us what we're asking for, cause god is with us, and our god's the richest our power doesn't run on nothing, it runs on blood, and blood is easy to obtain when you have no shame, when you have no shame. So let the sun bathe let the sun bathe. We'll still have life, we'll burn even brighter we'll drain the well, turn all to hell, leave the earth's surface to the worthless dirt let the beat roll over, let the beat roll over, to everyone in mind, everyone in line. You think we'll cease? You see a reason, you think it's fair? You think it's fair, you think we care?"

"I Hold the Sound"
the end.