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Friday, January 6, 2012

From Paris with Love - YES - see it now.

John Travolta & Jonathon Rhys Myers star in this film. Rhys Myers' American accent is very entertaining he ends up sounding like Eddie Griffin's impression of white people. Truly a display of the changing social reality when Rhys Myers' character is proposed to by his girlfriend. Travolta = yes. It's the badass meets candyass buddy spy movie of the decade. So much cocaine, so many terrorists, so little time. John Travolta, the only man that can wear a scarf and still kill people.
This is a great movie, it's funny it's got action, Travolta & Rhys Myers. You have to be American to truly appreciate this. It'll make you want to fire a gun into the air sing the song from Team America.

One last thing...royale with cheese.

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