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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Rapprocher by Class Actress

Sounds like: Space Dance. Cold distant new wave. Elizabeth Harper sounds like Blake Hazard
 trying to be Karen O + Alice Glass. If you don't know who those singers are they are the lead vocals of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs & Crystal Castles.

TRACKS                                            DURATION      BUY/CHECK OUT
  1. Keep You                                  3:15                   BUY
  2. Need To Know                         4:13                   Check it out
  3. Limousine                                4:26                   Check it out
  4. All The Saints                          4:24                   Check it out
  5. Missed                                      4:23                    BUY
  6. Hangin' On                               3:16                    BUY
  7. Bienvenue                                2:58                    BUY
  8. Let Me In                                 4:54                    Check it out
  9. Love Me Like You Used To     3:52                   BUY
  10. Prove Me Wrong                      3:53                   BUY
  11. Weekend                                  4:02                    BUY
"Keep You"
I want it. A nice cold dark love song. Good for on repeat plays.

"Need To Know"
Sounds like a cold winter night. Channeling Alice Glass on this one.

Good 80's style dance.

"All The Saints"
It's like Karen O meets a Tim Burton version of Space Jam.

Hell yes. Slow jamming right now.

"Hangin' On"
Rough sex, dominance and submission.

A shoe-gaze vibe to space rock. Yuck meets Crystal Castles.

"Let Me In"
Sounds like Lady Gaga's early work.

"Love Me Like You Used To"
Something to dance to.

"Prove Me Wrong"
Slow Jamming with Prince.  Tell it like it is....

Sun Rise after a night dancing.

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